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Internet has already become one of the integral parts of our daily lives. However, whether we use the opportunities it gives us? Every day, we spend a lot of time searching for the information we need, but even finding that at first glance meet our requirements, we often make mistakes. One of the main problems - is that the information is not filtered, so we have to make choices - to believe or check (but it does not always have the time, we do live in a non-stop). For those who have not yet decided for myself this problem, there is an alternative - using proven resources and ensure the information we collect online.

I invite your attention the Top 10 websites for students:

1. Opens the list - a novelty in the field of online education. The project began work in early 2012 and it should be noted that at present it is very popular among Internet users (as of May 2012 for the courses enrolled more than 1 million users). Coursera - it's free full course of prestigious European universities, which include video lectures, lecture notes, homework assignments, tests and exam questions. In addition, at the end of the course, subject to successful completion of intermediate targets and the final exam, the listener is sent a certificate of completion of the course.

2. Less popular, but quite interesting and global project The initiator of the creation were such leaders of the world of education as MIT and Harvard. Courses that offer its founders, will include video tutorials, built-in testing in real-time (with feedback), Web laboratories etc. According to information on the site classes are offered online for free. The first set of courses has been declared in the summer and started in early September 2012.

3. The following site - is an electronic library On this site you can download more than seven thousand books. The library offers a large amount of diverse literature, but its foundation is the teaching and the professional literature for students of engineering and natural sciences and humanities. The only negative, in my opinion - the mandatory registration and scores. When you register on this site you will be charged 100 initial points, which are then removed when downloading a file (from 5 to 15 points per download) for further cooperation with this website to download to the site something, for that you get extra points .

4. For those who want to improve their English language skills, I suggest a site Here you will find everything you need to improve and consolidate their knowledge of English. The site is divided into two main parts, the first devoted to the study of the theory of the English language, and the second - its practical use.

5. Equally useful for the curious will blog The material in this site is free and available to anyone interested. Topics raised on the blog, divided into individual categories, as well as greater convenience, grouped into the "Recent Posts", "Our theme" and "News." This site is different in that it includes a plurality of the necessary information not only about the language, but also the English-speaking countries, their customs and traditions.

6. If you are interested in science, then I suggest you visit the site This site is the online component of the "Elements", which started in 2005. The focus of the site: the victory of science and technology achievements, discoveries in medicine, etc. The undoubted advantages of this site - is to promote the scientific approach to reality, and the dissemination of scientific knowledge in a modern and accessible way. By the way, I recommend using this site to write their term papers, it will definitely improve the quality of your work, as you will refer to the best practices of leading scientists in the world.

7. Site - Russia's leading website video training on modern information technology (IT). If you want to learn useful information in video format, then this site is useful to you and help you confidently master the computer, learn a variety of programs to become more competent person in the field of modern IT.

8. Continuing the theme of the video lessons, I suggest you also visit the This site offers a pretty good selection of videos on various subjects: from «3D simulation" to "Health & Fitness". However, it should be noted that not all the material available for free.

9. If you are interested in modern poetry, and perhaps you even do write poetry, and do not have the opportunity to realize their creative potential, I suggest you a site The project, which is a separate micro creative universe where you can freely post their "creations", comment and study the works of other authors of the site and also take part in competitions, creative evenings and various competitions.

10. Complete list of the top 10 for the students, I would like to note the creative, so the latter site with this collection - Extensive literary portal in quite simple and convenient form offers users familiar with the literary legacy of outstanding writers and poets as: Mikhail Lermontov, Maxim Gorky, Alexander Blok and many others.

Enjoy your view, use, learn and improve. And do not forget that, "Information and knowledge: two currencies that have never gone out of style" (Neil Gaiman).

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